Data Security An outlook on the new Cryptographic Algorithm


Data security has been a prevalent issue and there were many academic and institutional researches that are carried out to identify potential solutions that could help in mitigating the risks of data security challenges. Cryptography has been one of the techniques that has been adapted for data security management, and in this research review, the focus has been on one of the new cryptographic algorithm that has been proposed for file transfers and the paper has been reviewed in detail to understand the process of the proposed new algorithm, the depiction of the test results which show that the proposed technique is better performing than the DJSA and AES methods of encryption. A detailed review of the research paper has been conducted and the conclusions have been detailed in this research report.

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1.0         Introduction. 4

2.0        Overview of the Research Paper. 5

3.0        Outcome of Proposed Technique. 7

4.0        Analysis. 8

5.0         Conclusion. 8

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1.0      Introduction

In the trends of rapidly emerging technological trends, it is essential that the organizations are adapting to the emerging trends to improve the overall efficiency, performance, and deliver enhanced quality in the products and services they offer. Majority of the organizations are focused on improving the information systems and the enterprise applications they use to handle their business operations and effectively manage to deliver quality results to the customers.

One of the major challenges which the companies are envisaging in the recent past is about the database security. Though there are various tools and techniques that are available to ensure the data security, due to the kind of radical advancements and the digital revolution, along with the scope for improving the database oriented factors like data mining, data warehousing, data analytics, also the negative impact of data security has become a major issue of concern for the organizations.

There were numerous reports which reflect the fact that, data security has become a major concern and one or the other companies are envisaging the threat of the data security. Even today, there are hundreds of companies whose database security systems are not being effective or vulnerable to threat of malicious attacks from various quarters.

Despite the fact that the organizations face the challenges of database security, very few organizations adapt the global standards and effective security solution models towards ensuring database security. There are many research studies that have been focused on challenges of database security, how database security measures are to be taken up by the organizations. Advanced Cryptography algorithm is one of the effective solutions that have been proposed by a research study to counter the challenges of data security. In this research paper the authors have focused upon effective systems and tools that could facilitate the organizations in ensuring the data security which has become one of the key challenges for the organization.  In this research review paper the focus is upon the research paper to gain insights in to  the factors that has been discussed about the data security, the proposed systems and the possible solutions that has been depicted in the paper.

2.0       Overview of the Research Paper

The research paper “Advance cryptography algorithm for improving data security” which focuses on the data security challenges has proposed an effective solution to the information security issues. One of the major security challenges that are envisaged by the companies about the data security is during the data processing from one level to the other or even in the other way from customer or suppliers to the client server or vice versa. There are various facets of information systems management that takes place, and it is imperative that the organizations should focus on the information transaction processing.

The authors have taken up the research on a very critical concept, and have captured the facts and the gaps pertaining to data security during the transactional data processing and have suggested the steps pertaining to the data processing and how their proposed solution could help the organizations in mitigating the risk of data security issues.

It can be stated that the overall structure of the research paper has been much effective in terms of providing the information in an effective manner. In the introduction part of the research paper, the authors have discussed about the critical issues pertaining to the data security and have in detail covered the various facets like privacy of the data, authentication, integrity and the access control to the information has been effectively covered.  Cryptography is one of the trendy techniques that are practiced in the data security and in this research paper; the authors have proposed a new algorithm that could help the company in having an effective data security algorithm that is based on cryptography technique.

The steps of the algorithm have been detailed in an effective manner and the reasoning why they have proposed symmetric approach for encryption and decryption has been explained in a definitive manner. The proposed algorithm if effectively followed could provide effective results to the data security challenges.

The practical approach that has been taken up for the study depicts the information about the structure of encryption and decryption that has been used, and the time consumed for the process of encryption and decryption has been detailed in an effective manner in the research. The tabular representation of the time consumed for encryption and decryption reflects that the speed of the data processing might not have much impact due to the proposed algorithm.

The other facet of information is that the research paper indicates few characteristics of the proposed algorithm and it is claimed by the authors that the proposed technique is simplified, effective, reliable, secured, time-efficient, and robust and secured for the data processing. However the efficacy of the technique has to be tested in real time environments in a detailed manner to testify the standards of the algorithm during huge volume data processing.

In the conclusive part of the research paper the authors emphasize about the fact that the block cipher method which they have proposed shall be more effective than the conventional cryptography methods like “DJSA symmetric key algorithm” and “Effect of Security Increment to Symmetric Data Encryption through AES Methodology”

In overall it can be stated that the proposed algorithm of new technique could be effective in terms of data security, and the authors had their emphasis on using the reliable technology that could help in effective development of the data security.

3.0       Outcome of Proposed Technique


In the research paper, the authors have focused upon a new algorithm which could be much faster in terms of encryption and the decryption techniques, and have provided an illustrative outlook of the proposed algorithm in comparison to the two other prevailing methods like DJSA Symmetric and AES methodology.

The summary of the tests which has been provided in a tabulated representation depicts that the new technique that has been proposed is much effective in terms of providing quality solutions and could be more effective when compared to the other two models that has been considered for the study. As per the inputs from the test results that has been depicted it turns out to be effective  in terms of providing the time efficiency, however one of the intrinsic issues that is to be considered is that the key length that have to be opted for encryption is around 64 characters, which could be an issue of concern.

In an overall outlook on the proposed new algorithm for data encryption, it is evident from the system that the process could be more effective and could increase the standards of data security for the organizations.

4.0       Analysis

The proposed technique of encryption and decryption of the data transactions could be assimilated towards an effective outcome and on the basis of the inputs provided in the test results; it is evident that the system appears to be an effective method that could be used for the data security measures.

However few of the concerns which are to be taken in to consideration are that the test results which are depicted in the research paper only indicated the file volume of 1.66mb plain text and in a limited data transaction condition. But if the organizations that are having much bigger volume text files or the other kind of imagery files then the proposed new algorithm has to be tested in such conditions for the responsive rate

The other key factor is that when the data systems are encountering huge traffic and the loads of data exchange is taking place between several nodes, will this proposed algorithms depict the same kind of efficiency. Though the preliminary researches indicated the factors that the proposed algorithm is being effective in terms of good response rate, reliability, flexibility and other key requirements, the efficacy of the system could be identified only in multiple environments over a real time implementation scenario.

5.0      Conclusion

Data security has become a major issue of concern for the organizations and there were numerous reports that indicate the loss of data or data steal during the data transaction between the systems. To counter such challenges, the data encryption methods has been prevalent as an effective solution and in the recent past, there were many such proposed solutions. In the research reviewed for this study, the authors have proposed a new cryptographic algorithm that could be more effective in terms of time efficiency and security, and it has been reflected in the comparative test results that have been detailed in comparison to DJSA and AES methodology. Based on the inputs it is evident that the technique is more effective and could be very resourceful encryption technique that could provide secured data management process.

6.0      References


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