Mc Donald’s Project Innovate- An futile approach to the Organizational Change Management


Mc Donald’s is one of the global players in the quick food chains and the organization having the presence of thousands of outlets and the staff had intended towards an aspiring project termed “Innovate”, in which the company establishes a digital network integrated system where the officials sitting at the global headquarters can monitor any branch across the world and also the comparatives between each branch can be carried out from the headquarters. However after spending millions of dollars of investment on the project, the intended project has been abandoned, which is due to the intrinsic issues pertaining to the failure in terms of change management. In this research paper the focus and emphasis has been on the Prosci’s ADKAR Model of change management theory and reflective analysis of the model to the project Innovate, where the potential issues which are the reasons for failure has been discussed.

Table of Contents

Abstract 3

Table of Contents. 3

1.0        Introduction. 3

2.0        Mc Donald’s project “Innovate”. 5

2.1        Project Innovate. 5

2.2        Impact of Failure of Project “Innovate”. 6

3.0        Prosci’s ADKAR Model 8

4.0        Prosci’s ADKAR Model for Mc Donald’s Organizational Change. 9

5.0        Conclusion. 10

6.0        References. 11

1.0       Introduction

Information and Communication technologies has become an integral need for the organizations to ensure that have adequate systems and practices that can enable them to understand the dynamics of their own business, enable them to monitor the performance of the individuals, branches and the continuous monitoring system that could help the organization in effective management of the process.  In the last decade of time, there were numerous instances where the news about the investment by organizations in to process automation systems

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