Telecommuting an Potential solution for the Sustainable Development

I.         Executive Summary

This section of the report provides an outlook of the report, the factors discussed, the analysis conducted, conclusions derived from the study and the recommendations that has been made on the basis of the research study. This section is the gist of the report which provides the reader an outline on the factors in the report.

1.0      Introduction

XMEZ is an organization which is in to the financial services sector providing wealth management services and the financial planning consulting services to the citizens of the country. The company has more than hundred advisors who are working from the headquarters in Sydney and keep guiding the customers on the investment decisions that the customers shall take up for their financial wellbeing. The organization also has many other branches across the country which majorly operates as sales or contact center and customer relations are maintained on telephonic and email based communication to major extent.

The objective of this report is to provide inputs to the management on how the teleworkers model could be a suitable option for the organization and few changes that are to be considered in the existing business process for facilitating the teleworking workforce and the impacts of the teleworking on the sustainable development, and the role in reducing the greenhouse gas emissions. Also the need for changes in the existing business process and the potential issues that has to be addressed for allowing telework force has been detailed in this report.

This report focuses on the teleworkers model and provides the details for an insight on the scope of teleworkers implementation. This report has the following sections as, Teleworkers an opportunity for sustainable development, challenges, SWOT Analysis of teleworkers model for XMEZ, Business Process Changes, Conclusion and Recommendations.

2.0      Teleworkers as an Opportunity

Teleworkers are effective models for the organizations and can provide potential benefits for the organization. With the development of ICT systems, organizations can make use of the communication systems and develop the teleworkers model which could provide sustainable development. This issue has been discussed in detail in this section of the report along with some case study inputs to project the significance and effectiveness of the system

3.0      Challenges of Telework force

In the process of teleworkers models, there are few challenges pertaining to the information security, opening the organizational network to the external environments, issues pertaining to remote access, coordination between the team members, data security, much dependency on the technology has been discussed in detail to provide an outlay on the anticipated challenges for the organization for implantation of teleworkers model.

4.0      SWOT Analysis of Teleworkers Model for XMEZ

SWOT analysis always provides a complete outlook on the possibilities and the solution. In the case of XMEZ, if the company has to choose the option of teleworkers model, the strengths, weakness, opportunities in terms of huge savings in the infrastructure cost, facilities management and other such key attributes are discussed in detail in this section to provide a complete overview to the decision makers.  Also a detailed analysis of how the implementation can be resourceful to the organization has been discussed with facts and figures representations to support the decision making process by the management.

5.0      Business Process Changes

In the case scenario of organization deciding to implementing the teleworkers model, there are certain key changes in terms of systems access, orientation to the staff on how the teleworkers process work , enhancing the systems security network features and also ensuring that the customer services are uninterrupted has been discussed in detail in this report , providing inputs on the changes that might be required to the existing business process and how the organization can be part of the sustainable development model.

6.0      Conclusions

For the management of the organization to have a better decision making process, providing them the consolidated overview is important, and in this section of the report, an outlook on all the factors discussed in the report shall be framed as a precise information points and also provide the inputs from the study on whether the organization can initiate the teleworkers models and if so the factors that has to be taken in to consideration shall be detailed briefly in this section.

7.0      Recommendations

Teleworkers is an effective model and can be well fitted to the business model of XMEZ and can have potential benefits in the long term for the organization. Based on the inputs from the study, the recommendation are made pertaining to how the company can develop the process of teleworkers model and the key factors that has to be taken in to consideration by the organization are detailed in this section.


Pyoria, P. (2011). Managing telework: risks,fears and rules. Management Research Review, 396-399.

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